Yes: I have read many accounts of these kinds of incidents.
Svetlana Voreskova

Ah yes, that idea of all men are rapists. My daughter was in her final year of military college in Kingston, Ontario and in an effort to appear progressive the college brought in Julie S. Lalonde to talk about women’s issues. She started with that exact statement with the third years and they called her on it. Long story short, she was horribly offended and asked to be escorted off the grounds as she felt she was going to be assaulted. It seems that if you can’t stand up to the counter-arguments of your opposition after an inflamatory statement, then you play the victim card.

Of course, none of this played well in the leftist CBC press here in Canada and it further hardened the mis-placed conception of the Canadian Armed Forces being full of mysoginistic, womanizing, sexual predators. I wrote a more in depth article if you’re interested: