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Blair Gilmore

Ah yes, that’s a good term for the Divorce Industry along with the superhighway metaphor.

You can add my ex to the list of women who filed for divorce. The marriage had effectively ended long previously but we stayed together for the kids until they got out of school. After they headed off to university, we tried a Hail Mary attempt to reconcile but it didn’t work out. I asked her to stay away from lawyers as we had significant debts, no assets and two kids in university. I paid the debts, looked after the kids as best as I could and gave her a bit of money from what I could spare. It was never good enough and within a year she had a lawyer coming at me for half my income plus all the debt. Long story, you can read http://www.happydiver.space/?p=183 and http://www.happydiver.space/?p=387 if you want the whole sordid tale.

Suffice to say, she has systematically stripped me of everything and the way Canadian divorce laws are set up, I have very little recourse except to go massively in debt with a lawyer on top of the massive Spousal Support debt that has been levied against me.

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