First, the major portion of this disaster in Houston could have been avoided if the city and state…

Climate change or no climate change, Houston officials know full well that they live in a hurricane prone zone. If I was an American tax payer, I would be pretty pissed that I’m now going to foot the bill for unfettered greed on the part of developers and the incompetence of city planners and officials to rein it in. Who’s keeping an eye on these yahoos when they start the rebuilding process? The developers and contractors are going to get rich again building homes in the same flood zone. Seems Americans like getting fleeced.

Same can be said over on the Louisiana side. Take a trip up the Mississippi and see where houses are built. My ship’s keel was even with the rooftops of the one story houses that were behind dykes on either side of the river. These dykes continue all the way up to New Orleans which is a substantial distance inland. Why in heaven’s name are people allowed to build here?!? You better hope Hurricane Irma decides to peter out over Florida.

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