The Nazi Delusion Fantasy
Austin Frank

Great article, nice to have a voice or two trying to inject some sanity into the conversation. We’re dealing with our own ‘outbreak’ of Nazism up here in Canada. Our news outlets dutifully ran numerous stories about the ‘sharp’ rise of the alt-right and of course tied it with our Conservative party. Coincidentally, this seems to favour our saviour Liberals presently in power. Mmmmm……good thing we have our own Antifa and BLM groups to save us Canucks!

A corollary to the Nazi under every bed is the anti-cop sentiment being pushed by the MSM. Our broadcasters follow the lead of the US media and were playing ad nausea the clips of the white officer incidents with the nurse and the traffic stop. According to the comment boards on regular and social media, hanging would not have been good enough for these unforgivable transgressions. I understand the, pardon the phrase, ‘black’ humour the officer was using to try and calm down a distraught driver. Now, according to reports, the man has been summarily fired. As for the blood incident, the nurse is being hailed as a hero and the cop an unredeemable monster. Just a quick aside, if you hung out in a busy ER, you would hear plenty of nastiness. It definitely is not a PC environment. Anyways, as there has been little to no context to the story, to suggest that we should wait for some sort of investigation results in a swift trip under the social media justice bus.

You’re right about this being a new religion. Heretics are quickly burned at the social media stake.

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