I actually saw that story when it happened.
Svetlana Voreskova

Guys and girls as the college is about 15–20% female students. Unfortunately, it’s a military college, so the fourth years who came next were told to sit down, shut up and take the steaming hunks of BS that the ‘lady’ was shovelling. My daughter wasn’t happy with the crap she had to listen to.

The Canadian Armed Forces have been slowly pushed towards civilianization since unification back in the late 60’s starting with Pierre Trudeau as Prime Minister. Succesive governments and now his son have continued the process. There are too many civilian interventions and calls for change that work in a civvy workplace but shouldn’t be applied to a military environment. We’re even having a great Canadian debate over the record sniper shot from last week. We don’t want to be seen as killers even though of anyone who deserves to be turned into pink mist, it’s an ISIS soldier that was about to attack our allies.