Tough to decode the bulk of the above; I gather it’s poetry of a sort and thus excused from having…
Ron Collins

I had to normally bite my tongue while waiting for the girlfriend’s daughter at her elementary school playground. Actually, frequently, I spoke my mind. Too often the hovering mothers were waiting to chastise, scold, or coddle their children. They couldn’t let their precious, little possessions just play. Every little fall and the child was surrounded by clucking women. Every little push in frustration was met with tears, or tattling, or a ‘talking to’. Mothers can’t seem to refrain from micromanaging every aspect of their children’s lives hence they will never be able to self-manage.

My advice is to let children learn how to take a fall, learn how to take a hit, learn how to bleed, learn how to fail, and learn how to pick themselves up. Parents are there to act as backstops or to intervene if the situation becomes too serious. Learn to ignore the inconsequential stuff and be very selective with the small stuff. This starts on day one when you refrain from picking up your baby everytime they cry.

Mothers, do yourselves a favour and take a step back. Force yourself to wait a couple of minutes before jumping in to intervene. As for the fathers, grow a pair if you have to, wear the pants and help teach your kids how to look after themselves. They don’t have to be macho assholes, just decent kids who know right from wrong and will stand up for themselves. If you don’t then you’re just raising another generation of wussy, victimized whiners a.k.a Snowflakes, who expect the world to be handed to them.

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