The End of Women
Kitten Holiday

I liked your article. As a man who raised a strong daughter who is currently serving as a military flight instructor pilot and is also being hounded by a harpy ex-wive who has used the courts to literally strip me of everything, I can relate to your essay.

The pendulum has swung to the point where a white guy can’t say anything without being labelled misogynistic, paternalistic, racist, facist, etc. As an example, I had stopped walking to talk to a person (I couldn’t see the driver) who had been ceaselessly honking their horn at a car vacating a parking spot on a very busy street. The 20 something female occupant started screaming at me with profanity and saying she didn’t need my paternalistic BS. When I turned and started walking away from the ‘conversation’, she took a run at me but stopped before striking me. The entire world was about her and how dare a MAN tell her different.

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