Pluto’s Mysteriously Cool Atmosphere Might Hold The Key To Fighting Global Warming
Ethan Siegel

I really wish you wouldn’t twist every interesting piece of science into another climate change narrative.

So now you want to shroud the Earth in a Venus like haze that will definitely turn us into a ‘hothouse’ planet? Or do you want a nuclear winter scenario where too much sun is cut off and everything wilts and freezes? Humanity definitely doesn’t need to play at geo-forming in any macro manner, we’ll screw it up with our good intentions.

Besides, show me one instance in the past where a warming period was overall harmful to humanity. Go ahead, cite me an example where humanity wasn’t better off from a warming trend. You can’t because warm = easier living and cold = hardship. There’s plenty of positives associated with warmer Northern latitudes. It makes eminently more sense to adapt to climate change than to hamstring ourselves with dodgy carbon credit schemes and incredibly expensive, unreliable renewables like wind and solar.

Anyways, there’s no need to tie everything you write about to another Earth climate doomsday scenario.

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