On Firing Nazis
Michael Tracey

More or less a good article for someone riding the fence. I wish everyone would stop throwing out the word Nazi. They are long dead. Use Neo-Nazi if you must toss out a derogatory term to pigeon hole a person.

Next, yes, I get that you don’t want to be associated with their ideas and opinions while you’re defending them. I’m assuming you don’t want any blowback from your opinion piece. You know what, stand up and be a man. Stand behind what you want to say instead of pussy-footing around.

As for anyone on the ‘wrong’ side getting fired, well, technically if you weren’t covering your face like many of the counter-protesters, you’re on the wrong side of the power curve. Doesn’t matter that they weren’t doing anything illegal, just means that they’re not bright enough to see which way the wind is blowing. Frankly, I feel that anyone showing up to a protest with a mask should immediately be arrested. But that’s just me.

All in all, at least you tackled a thorny subject and tried to balance the narrative. Just work on growing a pair with your future writing.