Alert Preschoolers Find Alarming Pattern In Yates, Bharara, And Comey Dismissals
Allan Ishac

Nice propaganda piece, aka Fake News, as stories of pure fiction go. This is just another example of the anti-Trumpsters relentlessly keeping up their dialogue with innuendo, conspiracy tactics and by whatever means necessary.

Nice that you’re stooping to using 4 year olds to further your cause. BTW, that’s a form of child soldiery and exploitation. I’m guessing the kid’s names are made up but I hope you received parental permission to use those kid’s images, do you mind putting up the release forms? You could talk to your photo supplying alt-Left pals at Mom’s Clean Air Force, your source that you’re shilling for. Little creepy that you write stories meant for children, eg. New York’s 50 Best Places To Take Children but can’t come up with believable dialogue.

Bravo, you should submit this ‘scoop’ to the NYT and the Washington Post.

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