It’s a D*ck Thang — And Weinstein’s Just the Tip
Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

Please spare me the feigned outrage. If you haven’t figured out that the way of the world revolves around whoever has the power, then you are particularly naive. Regardless of gender, power corrupts and the powerful get away with actions that would never be allowed for us mere plebeians. Men, such as Weinstien, typically like to show off their prowess with having their way with young women. Men also bully weaker men. Women, typically prey on young women, in vindictive ways. They also bully just as much as men.

I have been around both sides of the spectrum and too many of either sex creates issues. When the split is more even, the women balance out the men’s piggishness and the men balance out the women’s cattishness. The cat-calling you refer to happens to the men also when they get put down by their companions. Men just do it to your face while women do it to your back.

As I see it, all you’re agitating for is the right for women to be as powerful as men so that they get a chance to be the bullies for a change. Lay this at the feet of the powerful, not the feet of men in general.

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