I live in Australia, and our invitation to the Americans to establish a Marine base in Darwin was…
Al Black

Svetlana, I just wanted your take on Crimea. I totally understand Russian trepidation with NATO encroaching on the Motherland. But it seemed pretty clear that Russia and/or their proxies shot down an airliner. Then they walked into and appropriated a chunk of Ukraine.

What’s your take on this situation vis-à-vis Russian aggression? If they’re willing to take back some of their Eastern Bloc buffer in Ukraine, what’s to stop them from, for example, pushing into Latvia other than the presence of NATO troops such as the 450 CAF troops there now as a part of Operation REASSURANCE. I have a feeling these border countries might be a little twitchy about Russians swinging back across their borders otherwise they wouldn’t have asked for NATO membership. Was it all peaches and cream for these countries under Russian rule?

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