Yes, I’m Syrian.
Akram Alfawakheeri

Thank you for the insight. I can’t imagine what you and your countrymen are going through during this brutal civil war with no end in sight. Millions of Syrians may be destined to a long exile. Unfortunately, it appears that a proxy war between Russia and NATO is being waged with the civilian population caught in the middle as the cannon fodder.

Would you have any suggestions on how a middle power like Canada could help resolve the situation? Perhaps our reputation as a honest broker to sit the two sides down and hammer out a peace agreement or have things gotten to the point where Assad and his backers have to be rooted out for good because there’s no turning back? Is there any credible opposition that would be acceptable as a replacement for the Assad regime or would they be just another corrupt and brutal entity wanting to punish the losing side? It seems that too many Middle East countries swapped out brutal dictators for anarchy during the Arab Spring era.

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