I got it from here but the archives are pay for view so unless you want to pay you cannot read it.
Svetlana Voreskova

Thanks for the response. We had a pro-socialist/communist Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, father of our current PM at the time, so trade in the form of wheat for oil makes sense. Trudeau senior was all gung-ho for Castro and China and wasn’t a fan of the US and their various embargo policies of the 70’s. He was never a friend of the US and took our country on a divergent path with plenty of social experimentation.

Maritime Canada paradoxically imports crude which dramatically started to increase in the 2000's because we can’t get our act together enough to pipeline our abundant supplies from Western Canada to our east coast. Meanwhile, we’re paying a world oil price to countries whose goals and aims are contrary to our Canadian values.

It’s funny how quickly Russia fell out of favour over the last couple of years. Canada has a beef with their interests in Ukraine as we have the third largest amount of Ukrainians outside of Ukraine and Russia. But their fall from grace wrt the US has been remarkably quick. It reminds me of the old wrestling days when the ‘bad guys’ were Russian caricatures.


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