I don’t think there is any evidence to suggest that Russia shot down an airliner.
Svetlana Voreskova

Thanks Svetlana, I’ve had quite a few friends sailing in the Med and the Black Sea playing tag with the Russkies. Of course the Russian Crimean naval base is of immense value to their navy. There were plenty of stories of Russian aircraft ‘shooting’ up the Op REASSURANCE fleet in the Black Sea. Plus, there was a bit of cat and mouse in the Med with the Russian ships off of Syria. Today there was some interesting footage of the Russian submarine cruise missile shots into ISIS held Syrian territory. CBC reporters plus many others were onboard a Russian frigate to witness the shots from a pair of submarines. This is unprecedented access for Western reporters as far as I can recall.

With respects to Russian expansionism, I pretty much agree with your assessment. If Ukraine was backing away from their agreements and also threatening to boot the navy out of Crimea, then I could see Putin’s point of view. It does seem that MH17 was shot down by a BUK missile supplied by Russia. I have a feeling that the airliner was shot down by the rebels by accident as a case of misidentification. Similar to the Iranian Airliner Flight 655 incident, mistakes can happen quickly in a war zone.

After the dissolution of the USSR in the early 90’s, things seemed to thaw nicely. With time, a number of Russians immigrated to Canada and joined our military. We had plenty of Russian military members in Borden, Ontario on exchange learning English. The former Eastern Bloc country’s officers went to our language facility in Quebec. Canadian businesses were travelling to Moscow to see what opportunities were there. The Russian bride business was booming. But we’re sliding into a new Cold War that got started in the Ukraine. Plus of course there’s the anti-Russian hyperbole down in the States. Hopefully the Ukraine flare up will remain at most on simmer. Also with some luck, the Democrats and alt-Left will accept that they’ve got Trump for at least one term. There seems to be a little movement with that at long last.

Spasibo za ponimaniye i otvet. (Hope the Google translate makes sense)

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