Will DOJ leaker David Laufman be next to leave after #Comey?
Mike Cernovich

The anti-Trumpsters obviously have an agenda and are pushing it forward. The latest smear campaign about the President spilling classified information to the Russians is a great example. First, come out with damning information (last time I checked, talking to the media about confidential international conversations involving your President was treason) which can’t be proved. Second, after the outright denial from people who were there, pull back on the allegations and start nit-picking on what was talked about. This will lead to a word by word analysis with the yellow media salivating waiting for some trip-up to pounce on. Meanwhile, the White House credibility keeps getting smashed.

The old guard is conducting a full out assault, firing all guns. They know they are going to be swept away soon enough so they’ve got to get their shots in while they can.

Watch out for the alligators snapping while the swamp is being drained!

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