Multimedia “Show and Tell”

The Women’s marches: More than one million protesters vow to resist President Trump article did a great job of using the multimedia platforms. They used photos, text, and video. They also incorporated text into the video, which is getting more popular in the media platform.

They used 44 photos as the intro to the story followed by text and placing a video in the middle of the article. Once you play the video it will stay in the bottom right corner and you can scroll around the page while still having the video in view.

The photos at the top also have a full screen and auto play function, so you can view them better.

The text talks about the women gathering in Washington to march for women’s rights. The text also includes hyperlinks to other articles discussing the women’s march as well and several of these stories use multimedia platforms as well, including twitter videos and photos. Like this one

Overall I think this story did a great job using the multimedia platform because it kept me interested the whole time and gave me several sources to jump around to while getting the same information.