5 Reasons This Trade Meme is Rubbish

This meme is doing the rounds in response to today’s trade figures.

The figures in the news today were published by the SNP Government, and show that trade with the rest of the UK is four times more valuable than trade with the rest of the European Union. If it is obvious that if Brexit is a bad idea (which it is) because it erects barriers to trade worth £12.3 billion to Scotland then erecting barriers to £49.8 billion is far worse.

It is silly to argue that an EU/Non EU border between the UK and the EU will hamper trade but that an EU/Non EU border between Scotland and the UK wouldn’t. That hasn’t stopped nationalists from doing it all day, aided by this bizarre graphic.

5 reasons why this meme is rubbish:

1. It claims to give you “the News You’re Not Getting” and then, amusingly, offers a BBC news story as the source for its figures. This one.

2. The story it refers to has different figures from the graphic. Nowhere does that story quote £55.5 billion for Scottish trade. It does quote a figure exactly £5 billion less though.

3. The figures referred to in the source are from 2012.

4. The figures referred to in the source are the Scottish Government’s annual export figures: exactly the same set of statistics that this meme supposedly debunks. I think this is how black holes are formed.

5. It uses the same Brexiteer straw-man argument that opponents of leaving the single market are claiming that trade would not continue.

If you have to use such flimsy arguments against your own party’s statistics, it should really make you question things.

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