“Sing For Real”

I was hanging out with my friends the other day when one of them started singing along to a song. His girlfriend said “We are singing FOR REAL”. Meaning that we are not just mumbling along in a form of comic effect, sarcastically or without full intention.

I found this extremely deep for how simple it is. Just sing as though you were trying, and by trying you are placing your concentration and intention together. You are not hiding behind a mask or shield but instead you are letting yourself be Known, both outwardly and inwardly. Naked, vulnerable and out there. It is a brief moment (or moments, or THE Moment… you choose) where you are Being authentic and true. As long as you are playing by the ONE rule of course.

This leads me to this point, what if we “Sing For Real” during every moment of our life. Replace “sing” with any action you would like. Consciously living through Be Real, be You, be true to your Heart and see what it is like to live without so many veils and illusions.

Like all practices in Self Observation and meditation we take it as far and as deep as we would like, or are comfortable and happy with. This can be done by yourself, with no witnesses. Just __________ For Real. Dance, write, cook, create and bring forth some internal manifestation in a way that also lets you Shine, Radiate and bring forth your personal vibration.

Take it wherever you please, as long as it is performed from a place of Truth and Self Love, appreciation and respect you will grow and expand your boundaries and your presence. You might be criticized, mocked or laughed at, but this will be coming from the masks and shields of others. These projections that others send your way may seem depowering and hurtful but they are actually hallow. They are just balloons that are filled with whatever we decide to place within it. They might seem intimidating on the outer surface and begin to cloud your light, causing you to doubt what you are doing. Just return to your own Heart, your presence.

When this is practiced in the presence of someone who is unable to Be True, Be present and loving, they will project upon you. It is an illusion we uses to protect our-self. If we witness that the projections these “haters” send our way is totally powerless if we choose it to be, then we can deepen this Self Observation and conscious action of just Being Free.

Food for thought,
B Love