Black-tailed Deer Hunting in British Columbia — A Blissful Experience for A Veteran Hunter!

A renowned fact prevails that hunting is a blissful experience and a hobby for many, however, presence of your favorite animal or bird in open lures to polish guns and get prepared for the big day. Whenever an individual views a novice hunter with a big rifle in mid of forest, he always screams “Be vigilant, boy. Stay focused and seek out your target.” Countless folks take pleasure of deer hunting in British Columbia.

I started from middle of the forest and saw a group of mule deer buck disappearing behind the bushes. The sooner I went close to the group, temperature began declining and regardless of rain shower, I kept following the strongest buck among them. Blowing exceptional hunts is what I yearn for. Then, I geared up with my military rifle, the most prominent among hunters for its reliability and accuracy.

With an understanding of an inextricably intertwined hunting with close friends and as British Columbia has been my favorite ground for hunting, one of my friend, Henry helped me out in filming my hunt. I suggested him for mounting the camera in a fixed position, furthermore, advised him to focus, zoom and click on the appropriate time. I make sure that he does not miss the shot and told him to put deer in the camera frame when I will be triggering.

As a hardcore hunter, my paramount focus is on accomplishing my hunt by connecting more and more shots. Being a passionate hunter of course, I keep on finding diverse ways for a successful hunting. For me, fingerless gloves are proving to be handy and I prefer covering trigger-finger specifically. Apart from this, GPS tracker is useful in guiding me the lost way around.

Acknowledged as a hunter’s paradise, forests of BC are crammed with beautiful deer, birds, ducks, elephants and plentiful animals. A black tailed deer looks similar to mule deer, however, the latter is less allergic to sunlight and it has smaller glands. Hunting for ancestors of white tailed deer known as black tailed deer is my reverie.

As per my opinion, Canadian government deserves an appreciation for managing the wildlife. More and more folks are experiencing rush of hunting British Columbia’s fastest and largest deer. Those who bag one or two down after a long day return to their dwelling place happily, however, I am not contented with single shot hunting. So, out of a group of 8 deer, I killed 5 with my sharp rifle.

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As a veteran hunter, I am looking forward to continue with my hunting in gorgeous locations of British Columbia.

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