ADAPT: Discussing global challenges with Greg Jones, Duke University

In my previous blog post I introduced the ADAPT framework that we use to describe and analyze the most challenging issues facing the world today:

· Asymmetry: Increasing wealth disparity and the erosion of the middle class.
· Disruption: Disruption of business models and blurring of industry boundaries.
· Age: Demographic pressure on business, social institutions and economies.
· Populism: Breakdown in global consensus and increasing nationalism.
· Trust: Declining trust in institutions and consequences of technology.

In this video I interview a distinguished expert and friend Greg Jones, Williams Professor at Duke University and Senior Fellow of Fuqua-Coach K Center on Leadership and Ethics on the elements of ADAPT. Watch if you are interested in learning more about how the forces described in ADAPT are playing out in various contexts and the ways in which they are interconnected.