The early bird …

This morning I woke up hours before my alarm again, a standard occurrence this past month. I’m initially frustrated by this; worried about not being fully rested, worried that it may impact my performance in the office today, worried if I’ll have enough energy when I meet Vadim this evening to be fully present and engaging, and worried if I’ll ever get a normal amount of sleep again.

I stop my worrying and take a deep breath and stretch. I could really use this time for something constructive. The frustration upon seeing the pre dawn time on my phone’s smart screen fades as I realise I finally have time for personal reflection before I begin rushing around and engaging with the rest of the world in my typical busy day — a key habit of those often defined as a “successful person”, whether in the business world or those successful in their personal life.

Rising an extra hour earlier and forming a good morning ritual often consists of making time for personal reflection, visualising the day ahead and your goals for it.

You can find articles everywhere, from Forbes online to Life Hack, with the benefits of getting up that extra hour earlier. Take a quick look at one of these articles (Forbes linked below) and see if anything resonates with you.

If you’d like to try this but you’re a snooze master, there are options. A durable alarm clock on wheels, that jump off the night stand and roll away from your snooze cancelling reach! You’ll have to really get up and out of bed to turn this alarm off.

Wishing you all effective days ahead.

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