Trump and the Migrant Children — what’s happening and why
Tobias Stone

I by no means am supporting Trump’s and Sessions’ tactics, or that separating children from their parents is good, but I can’t agree with you on the concept that laws don’t need to be followed or abided by, that it’s up to the whim of the person in charge at the moment whether they want to apply them or not. If it’s not a good law, it needs to be changed! As a father of four children if I establish a rule and then don’t follow it consistently, it’s as if the rule does not exist. It’s worse if I dole out consequences of breaking the rule discriminately, showing partiality. Ask my children. From the mouth of babes…”that’s not fair!”

Consider this: years ago a friend of mine‘s son and his five-year-old child were driving down the street and got pulled over by a policeman for no registration. The cop subsequently discovered there was a warrant for his arrest for unpaid tickets. You can probably guess where I’m going with this. He called back up, who took the five-year-old child, and the original cop took the father in, in handcuffs. Now let me ask you, just objectively thinking, Why is it OK for our own American citizens, but not for foreigners trying to cross our borders illegally? Again, I’m not advocating separating children from their parents as a good thing, or as a matter of practice, but why do we (particularly Media) make an uproar for illegal non-Americans more than what happens with our own people? And why do we have laws if we’re not going to enforce them?

Food for thought.