Hi Blair Warner, I see your point and at first I had the same impression — and honestly, even…
Stephie Neuman

I can see that, Stephie Neuman. Good food for thought.

Another thought:

Without expecting our friends to completely conform to doing and saying things as we want them too (disappointment in life and relationships usually comes from unrealistic or exaggerated expectations), I agree that best practices suggests that at least her friend could’ve said it in a more positive way, “ you look great!” vs. “ you look the same.”. Her intentions being the same in either statement, even that small change makes a big difference.

Situations like this require both speaker AND listener to be thoughtful and sensitive, sprinkled with grace and understanding. Heck, her friend may just be a blunt person in general. If you know that about somebody, you take their comments through that understanding filter.

Good stuff. Thanks for your comment.