4 words you should NEVER say to someone
Tiffany Sun

Is it possible she meant that you looked good? Maybe she meant that after 11 years you have not aged, that you looked as young and fresh and vivacious as you did 11 years ago. That is a complement. Believe me, at 55, if I hadn’t seen someone since I was 44 and they said “you look the same”, I would be flattered, and think to myself that I must have done something right to take care of myself when so many people don’t. They’re bald, they’re fat, they have bags under their eyes, they look tired, their skin looks rough, they dress old fashioned, etc. It’s another perspective to consider. Also, one’s improvements over 11 years need not always, or just be physical. In fact, how we have grown inside is so much more than outer appearance. Food for thought!