Crypto-gression, Life Obsession & Personal Confession.

“OMG YOLO” said the Millennial.
“Waaaasup” said the Toad.
But then…”HODL”, said my colleagues…

Several Months Earlier…the journey begins.

It’s my first day at Wirex as the new CRM Campaign manager. Let’s be clear, at this point I knew that Bitcoin existed, and this is where my knowledge ended.

In my first few weeks, my focus was on getting to grips with the job. However, every day I would hear something about clouds and I got increasingly interested.

Personal confession: ‘Why is everyone talking about The Cloud’, I thought. ‘It’s been around for a long time’.

With growing intrigue, I stood up from my desk and went to inform everyone of their folly. It’s at this point I saw my first Cryptocurrency price chart.

The clouds were part of an analysis tool that my Crypto-Guru manager used.

Ah, you didn’t mean ‘The Cloud’.

FYI: Reading this is the first time my colleagues will realise my initial misinterpretation.

Since that day, I’ve come a long way.

I have started investing in and trading Crypto, I’ve joined several Cryptogroups and meetups.

I’ve even got my ear to the ground seeking out upcoming and exciting ICOs.

Life Obsession: I get it now. Not just the benefits, but the culture.

Several times a day, our office breaks into 5 minutes of BTC and Altcoin market discussion, news headlines and social buzz. It’s exhilarating.

Wirex has opened me up to a whole new world…

For you…and…me.

(Yes, I also love Aladdin)

…and I can’t get enough, but my favourite part so far has been the company attitude.

I quickly learned that, although we are growing rapidly, this isn’t just a job. Our users aren’t numbers in a business plan, they are our peers and future friends.

Let’s stop, that sounds a bit soppy.

Let me feel my feelings…

So what do I mean? I have so quickly fallen in love with not only this concept, but the Crypto-culture.

I want to help usher in the new age.


In fact, we all can.

Taking a step back I thought to myself, what is this all about.

  • Cryptocurrency is elegant, innovative and smart.
  • Cryptocurrency can be used for micropayments.
  • Cryptocurrency can be used for cheap and instant international transfers.
  • Cryptocurrency provides a financial system outside of state control.
  • Cryptocurrency is COMPLETELY OWNED BY YOU, not a bank or institution.

Every person that gets involved, especially at this exciting time, will understand where I am coming from.

Cryptogression: At the time of writing this, BTC has taken a hit due to a well calculated, but over excited game of monopoly between China, Korea, JP Morgan and, well, the digital world.

This brings me back to my strange and confusing opening:

“OMG YOLO” said the Millennial.
“Waaaasup” said the Toad.
But then…”HODL”, said my colleagues…


“Oh my god, well it’s part of the ride”, said the Millennial.

“Why so sad?”, said the mainstream non-believers in a sarcastic tone.

…and “Hold on for dear life”, said the smart ones.

The thing is people, Cryptocurrency is volatile, but it’s just going from strength to strength.

All a dip tells me now is…prepare to get more involved.

So I wonder, are you already involved? If not, I wouldn’t wait too long ;)

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