Playing Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz at Neptune Theatre, back in the day.

I’ve been a singer for my whole life. I added actor to that title when I was 9. I was lucky enough to work professionally in the music theatre world consistently since graduating from Sheridan’s Music Theatre program awhile back. I was living my dream! I traveled the country and on average was out of Toronto about 9 months every year.

But then…

I got married.

It is hard to be away from the person you love. But I am lucky to have a super supportive husband. He would visit me wherever I was (my favourite place we went was Banff/Lake Louise when I was working at Stage West Calgary. We climbed mountains and our 4 pound yorkie/maltese mix, Moneypenny, thought she was a St. Bernard for the day. Side note: If you ever go, climb to the top of the mountain that has a tea house on it! Bring cash for treats. It was truly magical). When we were apart, we would put FaceTime on to talk to each other and when we ran out of things to say, we would just keep it on while I worked on my lines and Rob played video games. It was hard, but we made it work.

But then…

We had a baby.

I took some time away from acting to focus on the new small person taking over every aspect of our lives. To be honest, I wanted to get back into acting straight away, but I had a crazy thing happen with my eyes. It kept me away from my career for longer than I’d hoped. But that’s another blog post for another day. Spoiler alert: I fixed it. But it took 5 years.

When the kid was 2.5, we moved to New York City for my husband’s work (his company, TWG, wanted to open an office down there and they sent Rob. So we packed up our lives and went on a big family adventure). I was in heaven, as I lived in my mecca and aimed to see at least one Broadway show a week. The possibilities were infinite. I also spent the first year diagnosing and getting my eyes fixed (after dealing with the symptoms for 5 years). Hooray! It was a pretty good time overall.

We were there 2 years and then moved back to Toronto, where there isn’t nearly as much music theatre being produced. Doing theatre at home meant having to travel away from the fam.

I realized I really didn’t want to leave my family more than I had to (unless it was for something reallllllllly exciting). But I was also stagnant. I was a mum. I was a performer. Those things will never go away. They make up part of my DNA. But… it was time to do something else, too. But what?

Let me introduce you to my husband, Rob.

Rob, my friends, is a unicorn. He is obsessed with everything about technology. He KNOWS EVERYTHING about technology. But he is also a really great people person (and a great person, period). He can basically do everything in the technology world: manage people, make connections, web development, design, marketing… he has some experience with all of it. So, when he suggested to me that I learn how to do web development… I thought he was crazy. I laughed at him. He told me again another day. I ignored him. Finally, he told me and I listened. But I still didn’t believe him. But I decided to start my research.

A friend of a friend, who I’d never met, had just done a web-dev bootcamp of sorts. We met for coffee. I told her what Rob had said and expressed my concerns with the idea of me doing the same thing she had done. She told me that the gig wasn’t just about computer-y smarts. It was about creativity, thinking outside the box, logic… and it really helped if you were good with people. Well, hey! Those things are my jam. But I still didn’t know if I’d actually LIKE it.

So, I signed up for an 8 week class in Web Dev. Every Saturday for 8 weeks, I said goodbye to my family and went in and crammed information into my brain. I didn’t understand a lot of it at first. But, slowly, it started to sink in. And I met some really incredible people. The course ended and I figured I might as well apply for Bootcamp. I did and, shockingly, was accepted.

I took a Javascript course in between getting accepted and starting bootcamp (I am really glad we will be covering this again in Bootcamp! It’s HARD!).

Then, after telling my closest friends (but NOT facebook, because I was too nervous…), I started the madness that is Bootcamp at Juno College. It’s almost the end of week one and I still can’t believe it’s all happening.

When my friends ask what I’m up to and I tell them about Bootcamp, they are in shock. Me? I’m just trying to live in the moment and see what happens and what I can learn. I’m trying to take the expectations off of myself. There’s enough pressure already. We’ll see where I end up eventually.

Now, if you’ll excuse me… I’ll be over here trying to figure out Project 1.

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is a web developer (currently at Juno College in cohort 25)/actor/singer residing in Toronto. She loves learning, Broadway, and positivity.