Why #Obamagate is likely the biggest political scandal in decades

It now appears that we will have the pleasure of watching Barack Obama’s painstakingly-crafted legacy slowly break apart and sink, Titanic-like, into the cold, dark waters of the biggest presidential scandal in decades.

IT is by now an established matter of fact that the Obama White House politicized and empowered the federal agencies to a greater degree than any previous administration. We are only just learning, however, the shocking extent to which this creeping politicization of the civil service extended beyond the federal policy and regulatory agencies and into the state security services.

Rumors of potentially unlawful surveillance by the Obama administration have been swirling for months but were granted new credence a few weeks ago by the stunning revelation that Susan Rice, as head of the National Security Council, collected and disseminated intercepted communications of domestic political opponents.

This rolling tide of doom for the Obama administration reached a new high on Tuesday, as reports emerged seeming to confirm that at least some members of the Trump campaign were monitored at the behest of the White House. These latest developments corroborate allegations once thought to be utterly fantastical: that the Obama White House engaged in wide-ranging domestic surveillance using the FBI, CIA, and NSA, opportunistically disseminating this intelligence both internally and in selective leaks to the media— which, to quote former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Evelyn Farkas, “…[is] why you have the leaking”.

In this light, the purported existence of 47 CIA and NSA hard drives of documents relating to the administration’s alleged surveillance activities, currently being curated by Wikileaks for release, promises to be a potential smoking gun. Their release may be the force capable of blowing open the already significant holes in the still-evolving Obamagate narrative.

Astoundingly, the administration itself has scarcely denied the surveillance claims, instead suggesting that all was justified by Donald Trump’s supposed criminal collusion with the Kremlin. Allegations of extra-legal surveillance by the President represent an egregious abuse of executive office of the highest order, exceeding even the scope of the Watergate burglaries; their magnitude demands that claims of justifiable surveillance be subject to the highest scrutiny.

The Obama White House does not get to merely wave away suspicion of wrong-doing by shifting the burden of proof to the Trump campaign; there has simply been no credible evidence offered to date in support of such insinuations, despite months of swirling rumors and round-the-clock fake news coverage to this effect. There has been, however, not only in this case but throughout the Obama years, substantial evidence of presidential overreach and abuse of executive power on behalf of the 44th President. It is time for Obama and his cronies to explain themselves, and this time before a legitimate public investigation, not another internally-managed kanagroo inquiry.

Setting aside for the moment the glaring issue of why, if the investigation into the Trump campaign was indeed criminal, it proceeded through a secret foreign intelligence court and involved both the CIA and the NSA, it is now a matter of fact that the White House disseminated the intercepted communications of American citizens working for a rival political campaign. The ball is now in Obama’s court to show that this heavy-handed intrusion, carried out using an apparatus intended only for use against foreign intelligence targets, was indeed justifiable.

If we assume for the moment that there was criminal collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, it would have behooved the White House to proceed with caution so as to avoid the appearance of anything untoward, given that the targets of the investigation are highly public critics of the Obama administration. Not having the surveillance being directed from within the West Wing by a close confidant of the President may have been a good first step, and not involving the CIA and the NSA in domestic surveillance might have been another.

There is little to suggest that whatever intelligence Susan Rice was in possession of had evidentiary value to a legitimate government case, and much that leads us to believe that this was a political fishing expedition using the most sophisticated surveillance technology possible. This appears to be “opposition research” elevated to the level of kompromat.

At a minimum, the Obama administration seems to have gotten ahead of itself in an excited search for wrongdoing by Team Trump, and now must explain how and why it came to employ the full surveillance powers of the Federal government against a rival Presidential candidate. Nixon did not simply get to wave his hands and allege that the Democratic National Convention files he burglarized were related to investigations into communist infiltration; if Obama succeeds with this deflection and is able to bury the allegations amidst the bureaucratic morass of the modern administrative state, it is perhaps not an exaggeration to say that we have by now wholly lost control of our democracy.

But everything we know about this case and from the administration’s demonstrated positions on legal separation of powers and the rule of law suggests that the coming Wikileak could very well be more significant than the DNC and Podesta hacks.

Moreover, the Trump-Russia deflection fails to explain the necessity of the unmasking, why this information was apparently disseminated as it was, who exactly in the Trump campaign was targeted by this supposed Russian investigation, and if this was the only such surveillance campaign against domestic targets. Convincing allegations that these same tactics were used against pro-Israel groups and members of Congress in the run-up to the Iran deal suggest that the tapping of Team Trump was not an isolated incident.

And so the ongoing Congressional investigation offers not only the thrilling potential to correct the record on the “scandal-free” Obama administration, but what is perhaps the best opportunity yet to strike at the heart of the federal administrative leviathan. The leftist media, so horrified by the expansive surveillance powers offered to the executive by the Patriot Act, and aghast at the contents of the Snowden leaks, have so far managed to studiously ignore the most convincing evidence to date that these awesome federal powers have been abused.

But this show of ignorance is of course unsurprising, as the majority of the mainstream media (hence to be referred to here as the “FAKE NEWS MEDIA”, or, simply the “FAKE NEWS”), have willfully disregarded any and all past transgressions of the Obama administration.

Their laughable denials, deflections, and outright refusal to honestly cover the rapidly developing story belie the hideously conflicted and corrupt charade which is the degenerate remnant of what was once called the news. On a daily basis we are treated to the ludicrous spectacle of propaganda infotainment masquerading as hard-hitting investigative journalism. The Washington Post, the once-venerable investigative trailblazer which gave us the original ‘-gate’, rushed to term the entire episode a “fake scandal”, reminding us once again that they are now merely Amazon FakeNews Prime™.


But those of us who have been paying attention for the better part of the last decade know the full extent of the rot. It has been on open display throughout the Obama years, whether it be Eric Holder’s debut as the 1st Attorney General held in contempt of Congress, the IRS’ targeted harassment campaign against conservative organizations, the subsequent cover-up of this bold-faced goonery, or any of the other egregious abuses of executive power indulged in by the “pen and a phone” president. Thanks to the bold-faced aggression of the administration’s bureaucratic henchmen, and a dogged FOIA campaign to expose the abusive expansion of executive power under Obama, there is an extensive documentary record of the administration’s legal absolutism. Obamagate appears to be the ultimate conclusion of this constitutional perversion.

It now appears that we, dear friends, will have the pleasure of watching Barack Obama’s painstakingly-crafted legacy slowly break apart and sink, Titanic-like, into the cold, dark waters of the biggest presidential scandal in decades. Even as you read this, the fake news media rats who birthed and cheered on this monstrous left-wing tyrant are coming to realize that there are too few lifeboats left aboard a ship they once believed unsinkable.

The fake news will pay a fitting price for their colossal arrogance, and many will drown in the swirling vortex left by Obamagate’s wake, the worst of their kind sucked down to the darkest depths of irrelevance and personal humiliation.

And so, the American left’s desire and ability to ignore the slow-rolling tsunami of Obamagate is understandable. Having already born witness to the defeat of Hillary Clinton at the hands of Donald Trump, the thought of seeing their beloved Obama fall by his hand is likely too much to bear, even for those whose careers are not directly invested in the continuing perpetuation of his legacy. But like a malignant tumor ignored for fear of a doctor’s visit and the ultimatum of a formal diagnosis, Obamagate is not going away.

Indeed, there is much to suggest that the entire Trump-Russia thesis is little more than an exculpatory narrative crafted to preemptively deflect from and justify the administration’s abuse of domestic surveillance powers. No matter how many times the fake news media reiterates its increasingly desperate-sounding Russian conspiracy theories, the accumulating evidence is so significant that no amount of narrative-spinning can hide the wrongdoing anymore.

In a future post, I will more fully address the utter lack of convincing evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian state, but I will for now reiterate a point many others have already made: if the Obama administration or any of the federal agencies was in possession of meaningful evidence of Donald Trump having acted criminally — not just in conspiracy with Russians, but in any capacity whatsoever — we would very likely know about it by now. The FBI’s treatment of the Hillary e-mail investigation alone makes the idea that the Feds are quietly sitting on a bombshell of damning evidence against Trump laughable.

We will also come to explore what exactly is meant by the administrative state, and how it has come to subsume all 3 powers of government — executive, legislative, and judicial — with the consent of the Congress and the courts. While special reference has been here made to Obama’s expansion of the administrative state to its highest and most absolutist form yet, this process has been underway since the 19th century. The extra- and supra-legal power of the modern administrative state is so vast that it was perhaps inevitable that a President would again succumb to the temptation to abusively wield its awesome might. We can only hope that Barack Obama will retrospectively prove to be a modern James I, representing what was merely the final apogee of an unholy Constitutional villain, soon to be vanquished in a bloodless revolution.

In addressing the administrative state, we will also come to better know the nebulous menace often referred to as the “deep state”. The deep state is no organized left-wing conspiracy, but merely the subset of Federal administrative agencies currently overrun by a critical mass of partisan ideologues. The revelations of Obamagate speak to the potential dangers of the deep state and how it has already made a hollow farce of constitutional democratic rule by and under the law.

I will also retrospectively detail many of the expansive claims made above — namely, that Obama politicized and weaponized the administrative state to a greater degree than any other modern president — as Obamagate unfolds. If Obamagate gets the full investigation it deserves, there will be ample opportunity to expound on the endless record of misdeeds, legal trickery, and evasion from Barack “at least I was a President” Obama, almost all of which has been so far studiously ignored or denied by the fake news media.

The campaign to #drainTheSwamp is ultimately about dethroning these unelected administrative state tyrants — and if prosecuted to the full extent, Obamagate will raise the specter of this bureaucratic menace in the public conscious to a level allowing for its final destruction.

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