What Kind of Refrigeration is best for a restaurant?

Blaise lester
3 min readDec 8, 2017


From large multi-deck chillers and patisserie display cabinets to upright and under-counter fridges, specialist refrigeration equipment is essential to the running of a restaurant.

Commercial refrigerators are designed to keep temperatures between 34°F and 40°F. The ability to preserve food at the specified temperature, a compressor ventilation component and stainless steel finishes are typical of restaurant refrigeration equipment.

Choosing the right refrigeration for your restaurant will make your kitchen run smoothly, as well as providing optimum food safety for your customers.


Before you commit to purchasing any restaurant refrigeration equipment, you must first determine exactly what types of chillers and fridges you need.
The size of your restaurant and the type of food you serve will be the biggest deciding factors in choosing the right commercial refrigeration.

If your kitchen space is small, you are not likely to have space — or the need — for a large walk-in fridge, so a spacious upright fridge should suffice. If you serve a variety of patisserie items or chilled drinks, you should consider choosing a specialist patisserie display fridge or upright display fridge.

The frequency of your fresh produce deliveries will also determine which type of refrigeration equipment you need for your restaurant. For example, if you receive daily deliveries of fresh or chilled produce, you will need less refrigeration space than those who get a delivery once or twice per week.


With many types of restaurant refrigeration available, it’s important to choose the right kind of chiller or fridge to best fit your commercial kitchen:

  • Upright storage fridges & Freezers — with less storage capacity than a walk-in fridge, an upright fridge is suitable for most restaurant kitchens. Available in a choice of sizes depending on your chilling requirements, an upright Gastronorm fridge requires less floor space than a walk in or chest fridge, with the suitability to store all fresh and perishable produce. Ideal for use in a hotel, restaurant, school or hospital canteen or any location which requires the unit to work under the high temperatures of a busy kitchen whilst providing ample storage capacity, Gastronorm upright chillers are designed to operate to 43ºC ambient, making them suitable for chilling meat.
  • Under counter fridges — also known as refrigeration drawers, these large capacity chiller cabinets are ideal for kitchens where space is at a premium. Depending on the size of your kitchen and your chilling needs, choose a two, three or four door under counter chiller cabinet to store seafood, poultry or meat
  • Reach in fridges — easy to access and with a with a large storage capacity, a reach-in fridge is the ideal refrigeration equipment for many restaurant kitchens. Suitable for all perishable and chilled produce, a reach in fridge should be situated away from the heat of the restaurant ovens
  • Refrigerated counter — this type of commercial refrigeration equipment should be situated in the food preparation area of the restaurant kitchen. They typically come with either a two, three or four door chilled storage.
  • Display fridges — specially designed to keep chilled produce at an ambient temperature whilst on display in your restaurant, a display fridge is ideal for patisserie and desserts, as well as drinks. The glass counter protects the fresh produce, whilst retaining an appealing display for your customers.

Whether new or pre-owned, Eco-Fridge refrigeration equipment is the ideal choice for your restaurant. If you are unsure which chiller is right for your commercial needs, simply get in touch and our team of experts will be happy to advise you.