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I’m not a political wonk or a news junkie. I would really rather think about other things. This is a very serious moment in history. It chose us, we didn’t choose it. Being positive is good, ignoring the signs of change is not good.

Worrying about scary things doesn’t make them happen, and it doesn’t prevent them from happening either.

Scary things, scary changes, paradigm shifts, climate change, nasty political regimes; these things are real. They really happen. I hope to hell everything will be okay.

We’re going into the 18th year of this new century, and things are bound to keep changing. Humans have new superpowers, but they’re still predatory beasts that want to eat your lunch. A hundred years ago, World War I was still going strong, and humanity was undergoing the extraction of much of our ancient culture, traditions, and policies. Even after so much destruction, we did not get our “war to end all wars”.

Just sayin’. How well you and I handle the shifting winds of change will greatly affect the future.