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Stop referring to the people who deny that mankind’s activities are the cause of climate change as ‘climate deniers’. It’s a dishonest smear typical of the left, meant to imply that people are denying that climate exists or that it changes, when they aren’t. It makes you look like an idiot.

The debate as to whether mankind’s activities are having a significant effect on the changing climate isn’t settled. There simply isn’t enough evidence to warrant the assertion that the CO2 we collectively emit is causing a significant change in the climate, and IF IT IS, there is even less evidence that these changes would be bad.

Hence the reason that your (climate alarmists) argument has gone from ‘global cooling’ a few decades ago to ‘global warming’ and now, ‘climate change’ — because none of you actually know what you’re talking about, you’re just a bunch of people who agree to the grandest assertions on the faintest of evidence as long as the idea is popular and therefore ‘safe’.

But the truth is that the earth has long had a tumultuous climate, and at some points it has absolutely terrible for human life, and the best way humans can produce the objects that make life on this planet better for our species is by using energy made from fossil fuels. All your agenda will succeed in doing is to kill off millions of people by making it impossible for them to be able to afford to heat their homes in the winter, in the name of preventing some undefined disaster, the nature of which you can’t even begin to predict because you have nothing to go on. Will the planet get too hot? Will it get too cold? You don’t know? Then stop telling people that it’s wrong to burn fuel when it’s keeping everybody alive.

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