An Open letter to Democratic America: You should know this by now, but I’ll say it anyway. you’d better be listening, CNN.

I, like many Americans, Democratic or otherwise, am completely outraged by the election, and find that our world is headed to a rather dark place for these next four years, although 2018 might hold some promise if we fight in the right way, but for now, I want us to reflect on what was some of the clear reasons why this behind the curtain victory has happened, more so on some rather meta reasons.

You have more than likely seen many videos of the past few months that have been made through excruciatingly through detail on how Donald won, a lot of pandering to the white working man, reducing himself to being a dancing monkey for the world to see to get views and dominating TV to get everyone on him. Now, we won popular vote, that is true, though popularity is not what it should mean in the America of today. Also, this is all without even touching the fact that there is clear evidence of a hack on our voting systems that tipped it in his favor (and somehow we’re still on here, strange isn’t it?). But, in the end, these explanations are what make Donald win, and more importantly, they give power to the idea that it was him. What should we focus on? well, quite frankly, and this is swallowing our pride here, we need to note how we lost, how we gave up the ghost.

Now, our ultimate reason for failure is plain and simple; we lost our goals. Now, what does this mean? Simple, we delegated ourselves to the rumor mill and talked about Donald all damn day, we talked about how his world looked like Hitler reborn and how his cronies are going to bleed America dry and such. Out of this past year, once Hillary and Donald went head to head, can you remember without looking anything up what Hillary promised to the American public? “No, but she had a strong leading” you say, but that’s the problem. In actuality of everything, this race was never about personalities as most of us thought, it was always on ideals and change. Moving forward, It was Donald’s lies and half truths that won him the white house, and us calling him a racist that put him in the front of the line.

You’ve probably seen articles that boast that not all Donald supporters were for him for his business or his Neo-Nazism or his general terribleness, they were for him because he gave the idea that he was the all-American choice. He boasted his church ties, he made note of issues that were clearly there (though gave no real means of fixing them most of the time) and shrugged off any bad news like they were lies. I didn’t want to go too much into that, but that’s the thing, we didn’t do that this time around. We have focused so much on individuality and morals that they were ignored. We pointed our problems at a man, the man pointed them at some of the problems.

Even reading this back, I said let’s not talk about him, but that last paragraph showed how hard it is to do, how much his “rating” help him. We still can’t get him out of our ears. So, what do we do? Simple, take his power away. No, not a coup, we are literally going to take the power from him and his words.

If you haven’t noticed as of yet, I’ve only referred to him as Donald. Well, Hillary had it right to only call him by his first name, because a lot of that power comes from that. He thrives off of that respect, just as all Presidents. I mean, come on, if you name a President, you’ll name them by their last name. So, No more T word. It’s Donald.

Now, that’s a smaller, more personal way to take some wind from his sails, but what can we do on a political level? Simple, we become Leaders, we lead correctly, as a statement. We lead with the Truth we have! This is the year of observation, and Donald has filled his cabinet with some of the most inept people ever, so do you think we’re going to take this laying down? No! We will be smart and correct them, drag their names in mud! although, and this is key, we should not blame them for their mistakes. Literally. Don’t even give them that limelight. When Senator Elizabeth Warren was interviewing Betsy Devos, most of the videos have it titled as written from the beginning. here is a good example (Good note, WOW this video. Elizabeth Warren is amazing!).

Also, if you haven’t watched that video, please do because the key to our future is there. Elizabeth was smart, she was rooted in her information, she pressed for the truth. This is how we get by! Now, the most backwards part about any Republican outlook is that Government is shady and won’t show anything at all. Now, this is their view of the Democratic process, whereas Republicans are open and revealing in their work. Now, you may be in this method of thinking, but let me tell you this; can you back this up without using the words of a politician?! Like, without using the words of your Pastor? Can you use ACTUAL STATISTICS?! Without using the following words; Evil, wrong, corrupt, killing, satan, ect. More over, can you site an actual (NOT A DOCTORED) statistic that proves Democratic parties don’t do what they’re trying to do? Not really, I mean, Gay Marriage is a thing. Meanwhile, what about the “tried and true” Republicans? well, they are trying to gut the ACA/Obamacare. why the slash? Because people Legit think they are two different things. THEY DO. WHAT THE HELL. Right and (well, right), we see a lot of dishonest Republicans that know how to point fingers. This used to hurt them, for 8 years in fact. although, what was different is that they made stuff up. They made up statistics, they shouted over the answers, and just acted like children. Sound familiar? Someone previously mentioned as one who acted like childish? you’re thinking Donald? Well, to an extent, but that was us in 2016, and now they can get away with that. So, what happened? Simple, in the past few years, we stooped to their level. We became childish so that they may step over our heads. Cool so now we know how they got there.

So, in the end, what’s a good course of action? Simple, we think. Ourselves as political people are pretty grounded in what’s going on and what needs to be done, while our friends over in the other camp play their games of deceit, we must take hold of this fact; they are purely creatures of habit. They may be up on top, but they will not be careful, and they will fall. Once they slip in their games, we must move, we must correct the problems, we must show that they are working off of manipulation. Look at Elizabeth, she’s going for the jugular every time. We must be strong, we must be smart, and we must work at the correct speed. Those who seek to destroy our composure will soon learn that they have none.

Republicans think we don’t fact check because, frankly we don’t. They’ll boast that we are the party that was against abolishing slavery and civil rights movement. Although, in reality, not everyone was for it to begin with, but we got there with everyone. If you look back on that time, you’d see such a wonderful mix of ideas and movement towards a better America, and we have it, though SOMEBODY just HAD to destroy that bond. We were divided, and it did not end well as you can tell. But, that’s something else we must work for. We must work to Educate, we must work to be kind, to be responsible, and to not fall for the traps.

So, I’m not sure if this was a piece you could gleam the information from easily, but here’s a brash summary to at least try and make sense of it all; To become a grassrooted party; we must unite. We must take our matters seriously, we must know the cost and educate those who challenge that information, educate them to the best of our ability. If they want to learn then they will help, if they can only shout and try and make themselves look good, then make yourself look better and don’t give them an inch of credit.

Headlines should boast about Bernie having great ideas, not how he destroys people with them. People should note that Hillary is a strong leader, one who is capable and knows how to handle her job, not that she can win a debate against Donald the Drumpf. We need those names, we need them more than Rand Paul, we need Elizabeth Warren, we need more progressive names. CNN, you might have read this, or you just skimmed the page till you find your name. I hope it’s the former and I don’t completely disrespect you, but if it’s the latter, please bear with me. If you look back at all of your press coverage, please note who your prize subject was. PLEASE. PLEASE, learn from this. I hope you have. I know that it interferes with how the Media currently is as a business (Which needs to change, people. I do mean EVERYONE here), but please. Start selling Democratic names. I know bad news sells, but Good can sell just as good if you let it! It will sell even better if it’s true and it brings excitement! If we can see the benefits, we’ll love it! Don’t try and stop something, try and start something a WHOLE lot better!

Now, this entire article is very much an odd experiment. Although I committed to it as much as I could, I tried to somewhat write this like a really, REALLY long tweet from a little hand man named Don. But, frankly, it was weirdly one of the most powerful part of his campaign. He thrives off of hate, he thrives off of our tears, so we should just stop crying. Let’s make them cry. Watch Elizabeth Warren work, watch Bernie Sanders make this country better. Watch your local Democrats! Watch everyone that works from Progression, for our future! For your children’s future! for a longer future! for ANY FUTURE AT ALL! Thank you for reading, I hope it wasn’t too much of a hassle to read. Sorry if I seemed hostile to you, CNN. You have a good life and make the right decisions.


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