Instagram overtakes Snapchat

When I initially saw that Instagram essentially copied Snapchat stories, I didn’t think that it would take off as quickly as it did. I noticed some people using it at first, but there weren’t many people as active on the Instagram story as there were on Snapchat. Flash forward eight months and Instagram stories have overtaken Snapchat and are becoming more popular everyday.

Instagram offers a greater opportunity to grow one’s audience. I believe that this is the main reason why more people are using Instagram. The audience is larger for people on Instagram than on Snapchat. A main reason for this being that it is hard to find people on Snapchat. You either have to know their username or have them in your contacts. Either way, it is a more personal platform that doesn’t give the same opportunities as Instagram for a big audience.

The metrics of Instagram are another reason that businessses would use it over Snapchat. The followers, likes, engagement, etc. that Instagram provides allows companies and people to set up a strategy that will help them become more inlfuencial. Snapchat only shows minimum metrics, not really allowing opportunities to plan a strategy.

I believe that Instagram’s ability to reach more people is the reason that 200 million people are using the story feature everyday a compared to 160 million people using Snapchat’s story feature. If Snapchat doesn’t find a way to make it easier for people to reach bigger audiences, then it will continue to lag behind.

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