Okay, so apparently there’s currently a bug in Snapchat. Some where, some how, one of those creepy crawly bugs has come in and freaked everybody out.

I was just spending some time on Snapchat as I always do, replying to stories from Carlos Gil, and Stephen Hoops, when suddenly….something like these images appeared!!

Now I know that just yesterday Carlos Gil and I were chatting away, and same with Stephen Hoops, so I started FREAKING OUT!

I was like “OH MY GOD! What have I done to offend them???” I even reached out to Carlos asking if I had done something wrong.

Come to find out. I had luckily NOT been blocked, and learned that this was a bug. However Snapchat THIS IS AN AWFUL BUG!!

Thankfully I have a quick fix.

How to fix this awful bug:

  1. Go into chat with the person you attempted chat with.
  2. Simply tap to retry on the Snap and….
  3. Viola. No longer “blocked”.

Has as this been happening to YOU? I’m afraid it’s plaguing a lot of people!!

Anyways, now that I’m not freaking out anymore, we should be Snapchat friends!! Add me using the Snapcode below or just click HERE!