The Ascent 14 | One Of Life’s Greatest Tests

Rejection. It’s a state of mind.

After all, rejection means nothing except the meaning we give to it.

Therefore, why take it in a negative way? Why let it create doubt and insecurity?

Doing so only makes matters worse.

So, what’s the solution?

View rejection as a test. A test to determine how bad we want something. Put another way, it’s a test to determine our level of commitment.

If we’re not committed, then rejection will get the best of us.

However, if we are then rejection will become a necessary part of “the process” and one of our greatest assets.

The reason…

Rejection provides insights on where we need to improve.

It builds skill and ability.

Further, it helps us develop the grit, tenacity and resourcefulness that will turn us into the type of person who ultimately succeeds.

Again, rejection is a state of mind. It means nothing except the meaning that’s given to it.

Choose wisely.

The Ascent is about the adventures of Rocky and Blake. It’s a series written from the following perspective: Advice I give myself based on the experiences and lessons learned as we’re building YPE. While these posts are somewhat personal, I share them with the hopes that they might be of benefit to those who come across them.

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