The Ascent 18 | Control The Meaning

When something bad happens there’s a choice that needs to be made:

Either I figure out a way to go back in time and change what happened or I change the meaning that I’ve given to the event.

Should I try the former I will lose every time. I mean, I have no control when it comes to changing the past.

That being said, the one thing I’ll always have control over is the meaning I give to these events.

That’s why when something bad happens I will not only learn to accept it… I will learn to love it.

Adopting this mentality won’t be easy.

After all, it can be a challenge to see the good when everything within is telling me to see the bad.

Yet it’s something that must be practiced and conditioned daily in order for it to become habit.

The reason?

Adversity and challenge will always be a part of life. So, it becomes a matter of learning how to deal with these difficult times.

Should I decide to give these events a negative meaning I become my own worst enemy.

However, should I decide to give them a positive meaning I become my great asset…

For the moment I have the discipline to find the good is the moment where I’ve gained complete control over my thoughts and actions.

The Ascent is about the adventures of Rocky and Blake… Just a boy with his dog documenting the experience of building YPE. The series is written from the following perspective: Advice I give to myself based on the lessons learned every day.

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