The Ascent 3 | Creating A Memorable Impression

Others want to feel important. They want to feel like they matter.

So why ever deny them of this… Most already do.

Instead of following the crowd, set a new standard. Become a model for others thoughts and actions simply by making them feel significant.


It starts by making a commitment to be fully present when in conversation. In this moment, nothing else matters but them. They’re the most important person in the world.

In other words, become genuinely interested in who they are. Get curious. Find out what makes them unique.

Show them a level of presence, care, compassion and empathy that they’ve never experienced before.

Then, watch them open up by sharing their struggles and dreams.

Follow this up with action. Immediate action… Find ways to help them overcome their struggles and realize their dreams.

Do whatever it takes. Serve and support them in ways that exceed their wildest expectations. Never settle for anything less.

In doing so, a new standard will be set. A standard that they’ll want to live up to and share with others simply because of the way we made them feel.

The Ascent is about the adventures of Rocky and Blake. It’s a series written from the following perspective: Advice I give myself based on the experiences and lessons learned as we’re building YPE. While these posts are somewhat personal, I share them with the hopes that they might be of benefit to those who come across them.

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