The Ascent 30 | Getting Into The Zone

There’s nothing quite like those moments when we’re working in the zone.

Not only are these the times where we’re most productive but they’re also the times where we experience the greatest levels of fulfillment.

So how do we do this? How do we get into the zone?

I believe it’s different for every person. I mean, we’re each unique. That being said, while the strategy may differ for each person, one thing always remains the same…

Finding our way into the zone begins with trusting our instincts. It begins by knowing that everything we need is already inside us.

After all, we were born wired with instincts specifically designed so that we not only survive but thrive.

This is important to note because the one thing that holds many of us back from getting into the zone is doubt and insecurity.

Put another way, we overthink. We think about the reasons why it may not work out or what might happen if we come up short.

This type of thinking makes us operate from a place of fear. It’s the type of thinking that destroys our ability to produce.

That’s why we must stop thinking.

Instead we must trust our instincts. We have to trust the voice inside telling us what to do. Then we must take immediate action.

By taking his approach we’ll operate from a place of faith and expectancy that we will achieve our outcome.

Further, it’s this type of mentality that puts us in the best position possible to get into the zone. The zone where we can produce our best work… Work that we can be proud of.

The Ascent is a series where I document the experience of building YPE. It’s written from the following perspective: Advice I give to myself based on the lessons learned every day.