The Ascent 36 | Finding The Answers

There are going to be times of uncertainty in our career. Times where we just feel lost and aren’t quite sure what to do.

That’s a given and it always will be.

Therefore, it’s important to recognize that one of two things can happen in these moments:

Either we let this uncertainty create fear and hesitation, which negatively impacts our ability to navigate and execute.


We find a way to bring certainty to the situation, which leads us to become more resourceful and create solutions.

We must always choose the latter. Now it becomes a matter of “How”. In other words…

How do we bring certainty to the times of uncertainty?

Leverage the following strategy:

First, become appreciative for the times of uncertainty.

Recognize that they present the opportunities to build new skills and achieve massive levels of growth. Both of which, are responsible for driving fulfillment.

By taking this perspective we’ll also work from a place of faith and confidence as opposed to a place of doubt and insecurity.

Second, come up with an answer to the following question…

What one action must be taken in order to bring clarity to the situation?

Whether this involves calling a mentor, doing research, brainstorming solutions, etc. Pick one action then execute immediately. Don’t put it off for another day. Doing so will only lead to more doubt and uncertainty.

Third, continue to ask the question above and execute.

Always remember that inaction breeds doubt and insecurity.

That’s just one of the reasons why creating certainty in times of uncertainty always comes down to a matter of action.

Even if we take the wrong actions in the beginning that’s ok. For it’s these actions that are ultimately responsible for leading us to the solution.

The Ascent is a series where I document the experience of building YPE. It’s written from the following perspective: Advice I give to myself based on the lessons learned every day.