Defying the Force Field

Blake Everstone
Jun 6, 2017 · 5 min read

Defying the Force Field

I am a big superhero fan. Since superhero movies do very well at the box office, I assume there are many of us. Their mission in life is to use their abilities for good and protect people from evil villains meant to do them harm. Are we all in agreement on this? Sometimes villains have a way of using a force field against our heroes. (and vice versa, but for the purpose of this article, we will focus our attention on the malicious force fields) There is always a way for our extraordinary defenders to get around or terminate this, often time, invisible obstacle.

Do you ever feel that you are up against a force field? You have so many dreams and yet you just can’t get past a hidden barrier. Please consider this next question very seriously!


Are you, in fact, the one who has set up these barriers? Are you sabotaging yourself? Here are 8 ways to abolish your force field.


This is very important hence the reason for it to be #1. In this fast pace world, many things swim together in our minds. By sitting down and making a list of things we need to accomplish in order to reach our goal, we see them on paper. Some may be small and some may be huge. They are no longer swarming around in the insanity of our thought process. Everyone has their own list! Something that may seem unimportant to someone else may just be a huge obstacle for someone else.


Now we have our list. Considering each item, we realize that everything listed is reachable. We can do this! You’ve heard the saying “Rome was not built in a day.” Take one item from your lineup and concentrate your energy on obtaining this one goal to reach the greater good. Leave the others, don’t let them swirl around in your head. They are written down, you know where they are. Spend today’s efforts on just one thing from your list!


We all have naysayers, but in actuality they are not the villain, remember you are. Take the energy from these toxic people and and turn it into positive energy for you. I will use a rebel as an example. What happens if you tell a rebel to do something? They do the opposite. Do you agree? It is an automatic reaction for a rebel. Consider your naysayers and use their negativity to encourage yourself. You can achieve your goals! Set boundaries! If their negativity is still able to affect you, ask yourself these questions — Do I really need to talk to this person today? Are they actually happy with their own lives? Surround yourself with those who would delight in seeing you succeed.


Do not be ashamed of anxiety, because this crazy fast pace world we live in, many suffer from it. It is a natural reaction to fear meant to heighten our adrenaline during a dangerous situation. Many of us have chemical imbalances that cater to our anxiety. Instead of giving into your panic, do some grounding exercises. You may google this and find the one best for you. I will give you my favorite grounding exercise as an example. (I close my eyes and go to the beach in my mind. I feel the breeze. I smell the salt water. I hear the roaring of the waves as they crash. I see the beautiful brilliant colors of the sunset over the water. I can even taste my surroundings.) In that grounding exercise, I go somewhere relaxing and safe and I use all of my senses to take me there.

After you ground yourself, evaluate the fear. I once heard it said the FEAR is Future Events Appearing Real. Is your fear based on something that hasn’t happened and may never happen? We have important things to achieve, we can’t let fear stand in our way.


Seek out these people. Where are they? They can be at your work, in your family, on social media and at events. If your goal is to start a new business, network with those who have. Listen to what was successful for them. These will not only be great allies but will become friends. These are the ones to replace the toxic people! If your goal is to become a better mother, then network with better mothers. If your goal is to become a writer, then network with writers. On social media, you can find many groups of people with your same goal, or those who have already achieved their dreams! You will find that these individuals were not handed what they aspired to have, but that they worked hard to accomplish it. Many were in the same boat you are in before they made up their minds to be successful.


Have you heard the saying “What comes around, goes around”? It is true. If you help others it comes back to you two fold. Encourage others. It may be as small as sharing a new website a fellow networker has designed. It may be as much as, listening to a frustrated friend. This is a very important step. It will change your life. You will wake up one day and find yourself surrounded by those who care to see you succeed!


This locks down your mind into a positive realm, rather than swimming with the sharks. Keeping you in a positive mindset, it will constantly remind you that your goals ARE obtainable. No money to buy books? Hit the library!


This may be last in this article but it is certainly not least. It is an extremely important step. It can be huge for your self confidence. Take a moment to think about the things you, yes you, say to yourself. Are they edifying? Do they serve a purpose in assisting you to acquire your dreams? Remind yourself daily that you ARE worth it. You may even want to put little sticky notes around your house to remind you that you ARE important! On your mirror, while brushing your teeth, you may have a note that says, “You can do it, make it a great day!” Do NOT bypass this step! It is essential.

Follow these 8 steps and you will defy that force field and find a new exciting world of existence! Check into my blog periodically for more inspiration!

Blake Everstone

Blake Everstone is a proud member and author of the LGBT Community. She is a writer of horror and psychological thrillers. Her book “Ominous Tales” can be found on Amazon.

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