Sliding Down the Rainbow

Blake Everstone
Jun 7, 2017 · 2 min read

Sliding Down the Rainbow

Remember how much we loved sliding down the slide on the school playground. Or better yet, what about the feeling of euphoria as your car climbed up the hill on the roller coaster and started the descent. It’s Pride Month 2017 and I thought it to be a perfect time for this article. Many still suffer from persecution and there are those still hiding in their closets. Being free from the imprisonment of the closet can be such a liberating and euphoric feeling. In order to slide down the rainbow, one must first climb up. Let’s take that journey together and examine the colors along the way.

Violet Purple stands for pride. We must take pride in who we are no matter what anyone else thinks. Pride is about you.

Indigo stands for service to humanity. It is important for us to give back. If we want others to see how important all of humanity is, then we should be compassionate and show benevolence to our fellow man/woman. Plus doing things for others lifts our spirits as well.

Blue stands for loyalty. Who do we need to be loyal too? Ourselves!! Being true to one’s self is dire in the search for freedom.

Green stands for life. All life matters!

Yellow stands for fear. This is a huge hurdle that we must get past in order to be who we are. It takes courage.

Orange is for community. We have a very strong LGBT community. Seek out others. Build your own community close to home. It is important for us all to be there for each other.

Red stands for strength. We find our strength first within ourselves and then next, through our community.

If you are a young person struggling with being gay or lesbian, please know that there are brothers and sister out there ready to help you. Here are a couple of support numbers.

The Trevor Help Line


LGBT Youth Support Line


Once you climb up the rainbow and come out of the closet, by connecting with others you will be able to enjoy the slide down to the gold pot of freedom.

By Blake Everstone

Blake Everstone is a proud member and author for the LGBT Community. She writes psychological thrillers and horror stories and her book “Ominous Tales” can be found on Amazon.

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