Which Crab Are You?

Blake Everstone
Jun 5, 2017 · 4 min read

Which Crab Are You?

Inspiring one’s self is not an easy job, especially if you find yourself in a bucket full of crabs. The proper name is Crab in a Bucket Syndrome. If one crab is put in a bucket and he is not lazy, he may discover the will within himself to get out. But put that same one in a bucket full of crabs, and the task of springing from this makeshift prison is much more difficult. Instead of helping each other, the crabs all work hard to keep one another inside the metal pail. Sad but true, this happens quite often in today’s society. If they can’t rise up, they sure as hell aren’t going to let you. Pulling and fighting to keep you from the top, stepping on you to reach their goal, you may find yourself at the bottom of the pile. So what do you do? Do you give up? Do you join the crowd and mirror their same behaviors? It will be a difficult task to get out but it can be done. My question to you is, which crab are you? Here is a list of your fellow crustaceans. See where you fit in.

The Naysayer — This is the crab who finds his will to reach the top by telling the others that they can’t achieve their dreams. The naysayer has the ability to convince the weak that they are not intelligent enough to make it out of their unfortunate situation. The naysayer will always end up at the bottom. If you listen to him, you will stay right there with him.

The Competitor — There is nothing wrong with a healthy competition, but if it keeps you and everyone else inside the trap of doom, is it really healthy? This crab is hell bent to make sure you don’t get out before him. He will step on you and fight to the death to keep you where he feels you are meant to be — under him. Put several of these in the bucket and no one wins! If you choose to compete at the demise of your fellow crabster, then you will probably find yourself at the bottom some day. What if all the crabs came together to compete against their circumstance rather than each other. Hmmmm interesting concept.

The Bully — There will always be bullies. The bully gets his power by torturing others. He does not believe in his heart that he will ever amount to anything outside of the bucket so his goal is to keep you with him. He must have victims that fear him in order to exist. He feeds off of other’s fears. Be this crab and you will always lose. Fear this crab and you will be his victim, under his crabby thumb forever.

The Narcissist — Watch out for this crab! He is the most cunning of all crabs. He will have you believing that he is the most admirable crab ever and is there to help you, but behind the scenes he is your biggest adversary. If you publically cross this crab the consequences will be deadly. He will have a fan club that will worship the ground he walks on and believe him to be their savior. Never mind this crab and his followers, just go about your business of achieving your goal. He is right where he wants to be. Follow this crab and you may end up drinking some harmful or maybe even fatal Koolaid. He will not let his followers out ever.

The Inspirer — The inspirer is a great crab. He is selfless and his focus is to encourage you to reach the top. They are few and far between. If you so happen to find yourself in the same pail with this crab consider yourself blessed and listen. He is a genuine leader. This crab is not held down by the others nor does he keep anyone else down. He will lend out his claw and encourage others to use it to get out. His heart is pure and his reward of freedom will be great on the other side of this prison. The amazing thing about this crab is that he returns often to tell the newcomers that he has been right where they are and made it.

The Team Player — Should the crabs make it to freedom, there must be team players. These crabs work together to build each other up. They make a strong ladder of themselves to make sure everyone makes it to safety. This is rare and almost unheard of.

So I ask again, which crab are you? Look around. Is there someone who needs a helping hand? What about that young man who wants to become something great, are you one of his naysayers? If only we all inspired and aided one another in achieving our goals, this world would be an amazing place. There would be no more bucket!

By Blake Everstone

Blake Everstone is a proud member and author of the LGBT community. Her book “Ominous Tales” can be found on Amazon. “Ominous Tales” is a collection of 5 horror stories and poems. https://www.amazon.com/Ominous-Tales-Blake-Everstone-ebook/dp/B071PBFYTY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1496704091&sr=8-1&keywords=blake+everstone Stay tuned to Blake’s Blog for inspiration on achieving your dreams just as she has. www.blakeeverstone.webs.com

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