Leaning In, Opting Out, and Living a F@ck Yes Life
Jill Rosenthal

Thank you so much for sharing your adventure! Hearing stories like this allow for the seemingly lonely trek to feel a little more inclusive.

I’m at the beginning stages of the new life I’ve created, after the old one fell out from under me. Looking back at where I was when the bottom fell out; holy crap- I was scared as hell!! I was just short of asking my psychiatrist to prescribe something to make these feelings go away (only hesitating bc deep down I knew I HAD to do the work to be happy again). Anyway, I too like the person I am today; sooooo much better than who I was prior. I’ve recently started my own Interior Design business, absolutley loving it and learning as I go. The examples we are setting for our children, especially our girls is worth every ounce of restless nights, exposed vulnerability and raw emotion. I want my kids to live the “fuck yes life”!!!!!!

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