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Bullshit. Don’t give him this cop out. He originally said it on a podcast that most people have never heard of. And why did it come up in the first place? Probably because his teammates have heard this lunacy from him before. He then doubled with an impressively staid certainly, ON CAMERA. Since then, I guarantee you, several sane people with a vested interest in his brand/their franchise have gotten to him in the interest of not being the butt of fully-deserved derision and mockery, and more generally just not being a flaming embarrassment to anyone and everyone. I’d further venture Coach K told someone to tell him to please can the flat earth shit you matriculated at Duke for Christ sakes, or something to that effect.

You should also not let this slide because this is really unforgivable. Science literacy is low enough in this country, and here this guy is with a huge stage and an amplified voice launching a full scale attack on grammar school science. Wonderful. Now you gotta explain to your little son why the Earth’s not flat after a demigod told him it was. I haven’t even mentioned how insulting it is to people who have dedicated their lives to making life more manageable for us — scientists — to claim they’ve all been lied to by some…god knows who benefits from suppressing the truth for thousands of years about the Earth’s real shape.

So no. He’s an idiot spouting post-factual poison.

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