How Can Lactose Intolerant People Fulfill Their Calcium Needs?

Ask any of your Family Doctor Nyc or any other place and they will tell you that the most abundant mineral in human body is calcium. It is also one of the most naturally found minerals that is added to food items and beverages. It is true that dairy items are the first source of this mineral but those with lactose intolerance issues can find their calcium in several other food items as well.

We spoke to a number of nutritionists, Primary Care Provider, as well as doctors who agree that lactose intolerant people need not rely on just dairy products for their regular calcium dose. They can look beyond the calcium aisle and start including a number of new food items in their regular diet plan. Calcium is an important mineral that is not only required for your bones and teeth, the mineral is also responsible for maintaining the health of your blood vessels, regulation of blood pressure, and in prevention of insulin resistance in human body.

One of the Castle Connolly Top Doctors New York Metro Area gave us a list of food items that they prescribe their patients when they are unable to intake dairy products. Here we go:

1. White Beans: A light and creamy thing, this legume can be one of the greatest sources of calcium as well as iron. You can make it or add it to a veggie or hummus and have it on a regular basis.

2. Canned Salmon: One of the most economic sources of calcium, this one is a great way of adding calcium to your diet. The bones in canned salmon have all the calcium, so mash these rightly with the salmon flesh.

3. Sardines: One of the healthiest fishes that one can munch on. Apart from calcium it is also a great source of Omega 3’s and Vitamin D.

4. Dried Figs: A sweet treat, these are a complete package that come with antioxidants, calcium punch, as well as fiber. You can always have these as a mid-day snack or turn these dried fruits in a creamy soft jam.

5. Bok Choy: A versatile Chinese cabbage, this one offer a healthy dose of Vitamins C & A. You can gain fiber along with calcium.

6. Kale: It is a superfood that comes with antioxidants as well as calcium and a perfect fit for your salad in form of thin strips. You can further add avocado and apricotsthat make a perfect springtime dish.

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