We may be further away from self-driving automobiles than anyone thought a few short years ago, however when they do finally arrive they will usher in changes the likes of which we haven’t seen since the advent of personal computer.

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As someone who loves technology as much as I enjoy driving, I tend to daydream about all the different ways this new era of autonomous vehicles are going to change our lives and the world.

Here is a running list of all the ways I’ve thought about how autonomous cars will change our lives for the better.

Safety. Car accidents are often fatal and caused by human error. Once all cars are properly autonomous, auto accident injuries and deaths should drop dramatically.

Speed. With automation and safety controls, top speed limits could be far greater than they are today. Across the country the top speed limit is around 60mph, however it’s not too far fetched to thinking this limit could be 100+mph in the future with automation and safety improvements. …


Richard Blakeley

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