Colony Q2 Update

First off, I love everything I’ve read about Colony and can’t wait to test drive the beta when it becomes available!

My question may be a ‘down the road’ discussion for your team, but I’m wondering how much thought you’ve put into making easy-to-digest smart contracts so that people looking at joining or investing in a DAO can grasp the foundational principles of the organization.

I personally believe that the long-term success of a DAO or DAC will ultimately depend on how effective their smart contract is at fostering cooperation and alignment of the individual’s interests with the group’s interests. Before getting involved in a DAO, I would want to know exactly how the economics will work, how revenue will be distributed, how decisions will be made, and many other variables.

Have you considered creating some infographics or maybe some uniform metrics to help people like me evaluate the DAO’s created on Colony?

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