As a newly minted MBA, currently more inspired by taking on new roles in new industries than…
Kelly Goldthorpe

It looks like I’m a little late to this party but I’ve been contemplating this exact question and figured I’d throw in my 2 cents in case anyone is still listening.

From the standpoint of being compensated for hours worked, I think you’re absolutely right that specialists will garner higher rates.

However, where I see the biggest change in this new economy is the question of “where to spend my time?” In today’s world, people generally choose which companies to work for based on a few factors like compensation, culture, and job description. The money is green wherever you go. But in the new economy, dominated by DAO’s, workers will often be compensated in coins produced by the organization. Granted, you could always quickly convert these coins to a more stable coin, but I believe a lot of people will opt to leave much of their pay in the coin produced by their DAO if they believe their DAO is going to be successful.

You may say, that sounds just like a company stock option, and it is similar. The difference is that it’s completely liquidable. So rather than having to wait around for your stock options to vest, in the new economy, if you decide you believe in another DAO’s business plan or mission more than your current DAO, you’ll be able to liquidate your coins and start accumulating coins from the DAO that you see with a brighter future.

To come full circle and answer your question, the companies we choose to spend our time with will significantly impact our earning. If you pick a great DAO and get in before the bandwagon is full, you could be earning major dividends on your hours worked. The opposite will also be true. If you choose to spend your time with a DAO that crashes and burns, you could waste a lot of time. For this reason, having a wide perspective and understanding of where the world is heading will be just as important as having a valuable skill-set.

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