Design for Moments of Delight: Google “The Last of Us”


Google “The Last of Us” and you’ll get an easter egg button you can mash that slowly grows fungus on the screen. 🍄

It’s a perfect example of designing for ✨ moments of delight ✨ to create an emotional connection with people.

As designers we focus on creating usable and functional products that meet user needs. However, it’s important to also design moments that surprise and delight people, create emotional connections with the product, and leave lasting impressions.

It can be as simple as adding animation, using fun copy, playful interactions, gamification, or adding a touch of personalization to the user experience. These small details can significantly impact the overall experience and create lasting positive associations.

Incorporating play in advertising and product experiences can feel more authentic and engaging. After all, we’re all big kids at heart.

The experience works flawless on mobile too



Blake Manzo

Design & Monetization @ PlayStation