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One time in high school, playing for an AAU team, I got away with hitting a ref in the face on purpose. I was pretty frustrated after a couple of non-calls for me on the other end and I think my team was losing. I got called for a shooting foul on what I thought was clearly a clean block. I initially showed sufficient frustration at the call so the ref could know and care about my hurt feelings. But I didn’t think that was enough, I wanted him to be able to truly empathize with me. So after the first free throw was missed and ended up in my hands (with one more free throw to go) I saw my chance and seized the opportunity. The offending ref was on the baseline, behind me to the right. Knowing exactly where he was and more importantly, where his face was, I threw a perfect no look heater right at his shnoz. He replied with a dazed, “Hey, watch it!” I secretly smiled, still without turning around, and said, “My bad, I wasn’t looking.” I don’t remember if we won or lost, but I won. It still brings a smile to my face over a decade later.